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You are beautiful at any age but we can all benefit from a facial. Whether its to prevent lines from happening, to prolong our youth or to help reduce the lines we already have. No matter what age we are we can all enjoy a facial.

Facials can help with acne, rosacea, sensitivity, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, dry skin, dehydration and oily skin types.

What you might not realise is facials are also RELAXING.

The girls at Classic Beauty Therapy will pamper you and help you address your skin concerns.

All our facials are designed specifically for your skin and your concerns.

Our therapists will talk to you and analysis your skin and your concerns to alter any of our facials to create a facial designed just for you.
Petite Facial
30 minute facial designed specially for you.
Classic Facial

Our classic facial is our most popular facial and every product is chosen just for you.
Ultimate Recovery Zinc Mask Facial
Meseostatic mask made of 3D nano fibers designed to promote skin renewal and increase moisture
Infusion Facial
Thalgo deeply hydrating facial rich in minerals from the sea

Hot Stone Deluxe Facial/Massage (75 mins)
Petite Facial with a Hot Stone massage on the back and shoulders.
At Classic Beauty Therapy we have a range of peels for every skin type.

Results driven chemical peels for the treatment of acne, photo damaged and pigmentation. These formulas ill assist in renewing, rebuilding and strengthening the skin. By chemically removing the dead skin cell surface layer, they will leave the skin tone clearer, fresher, smoother and more even: whilst refining the pores. Peel solutions are chosen for your individual needs.

Everyone can benefit from some type of peel and a course of peels at least every 6 months is recommended to keep your skin fresh and glowing.

Pay for 5 peels and receive the 6th for free
Brightening Peel                                                                                      $110.00
Age Reversal Peel                                                                                  $110.00                                                                             
Beta Peel (Anti-bacterial)                                                                        $110.00

Enzyme Peel                                                                                              $80.00

Cosmelan Peel -                                                                                         $799.00
 includes $300 maintenance cream- a scientifically proven treatment for removal of pigmentation in one treatment! World wide number one treatment for pigmentation
We are serious about makeup. Do you know what you are putting on your face?

At Classic Beauty Therapy we can apply make-up for special occasions or we can even teach you how to apply your own makeup and what colours would be best suited to you.
Trial - 50 minutes
Special Day - 50 minutes
Quick application after treatment- 10-15 min
Make up lesson - 60 min

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